David Beyda Studio

Jewish Link article 10-22-20 Photos and interview by David Beyda

It was such great fun photographing Yoel Fuld at my new photo studio in Teaneck NJ last week. This was the first – hopefully of many – feature profiles of the wonderful people and characters of the Jewish Community. Published in The Jewish Link. https://jewishlink.news/features/40080-have-your-say-in-the-link

I adore the lighting, angles, and all of the aesthetic photographic elements that go into creating a great portrait but for my money, there’s nothing like character! Why? Because people are rich in so many ways. Upbringing and beliefs, education and profession, family life and play, achievements, and missteps all come into play in the photo studio at the portrait session. Let’s not forget their opinions. All of these elements inform the expressions of the subject which you are photographing. This is what makes your portrait unique. The human face is without question the most expressive mode of communication. If we pay attention to faces we can learn so much, in our dealings with others. This face to face non-verbal communication is in some ways more powerful than speech. The photographic portrait captures a moment full of information; that which has just flashed across the subject’s face. It’s quite engaging to observe the portrait and read the face portrayed there.

Speaking of engaging faces Yoel is always up for a good time and his banter, perspective on life, and a fabulous wardrobe made for a great shoot and a wonderful piece. Thank you Yoel for being the first to participate.